Programme Highlights

Intervention Cardiology

Live In Box Challenging Cases of Cardiovascular Interventions Didactic, Interactive and Debates on Topics:
Primary Angioplasty
Pharmaco-invasive Coronary Interventions
Imaging in Coronary Interventions
IVUS, OCT and Other Newer Imaging Technologies
Functional Angioplasty
Fractional Flow (FFR, iFR)
Complex High Risk Indicated Procedures (CHIP)
Structural Heart Diseases
TAVR, Mitra Clip, Catheter Based Tricuspid Valve Interventions
Left Atrial Appendage Closures
Device Therapy in Congenital Heart Diseases (ASD, VSD, PDA etc.)
Interventions in Heart Failures
Bridge to Heart Transplantation (Heart Mate and other devices)
Role of Cryo Therapy in Cardiovascular Interventions
Newer Technologies in ECG, Echocardiography
Radiation Protection Issues in Cardiovascular Interventions
Device Therapy in Heart Failure, Sudden Cardiac Death
HIS Bundle, Left Bundle Pacing and Leadless Pacemakers

Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy:

Diabetes and Heart Diseases
Advances in Heart Failure ARNI and New Drugs
Newer Aggressive Lipid Managements Guidelines
Special Emphasis on Lipid Management in High Risk Patients
Antithrombotic Therapy
Antiplatelet Therapy - Changing Protocol
Hypertension Management
Cardiac Arrhythmias, Atrial Fibrillation, Ventricular Arrhythmias

Sessions for Allied Professionals, Nurses, Technicians and Paramedics